• Anger]
  • Attitude
  • Be the winner Wena
  • Change
  • Compromise
  • Connect and switch on
  • Defying the Usual
  • Do You Listen Enough
  • Failure
  • Fight your own cancer
  • Identity
  • Keep Growing
  • Leadership
  • Life Sentence
  • New year Affirmations
  • Positive Thoughts can move mountains
  • Procrastination
  • Reflections
  • Relationships
  • See the bigger picture
  • Stop complaining, start appreciating
  • Take a Flight
  • The Power of Giving
  • The Sky is NOT the Limit
  • The fire Within
  • True happiness
  • breakthrough
  • fear
  • life
  • story

Welcome to Dreamworld Promotions

Dreamworld Promotions Motivational Audio Discs provide a solution to everyone hungry for success.

You get your ambition back on track and once again get to believe in the world of hopes and dreams.

The whole family can benefit and you can minimize the amount of money spent on expensive day seminars.

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”At Dreamworld our driving passion is assisting youth and transforming lives in a positive manner.

This is what keeps us fueled to ensure that generations are given the right life skills.

They are the building blocks of the future, and it is the duty of individuals, governments,

corporates, and communities to ensure they are properly equipped to achieve more than the previous generations. ”

Godfrey Madanhire