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  • Attitude


    Attitude determines one's altitude. To a large extent it plays a role in deciding the outcome of any given life adventure. Most high achievers single out the power of a positive attitude as the driving force behind their outstanding accomplishments.
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  • Be the Winner Wena!

    Be the Winner Wena!

    Real champions have mastered the art of continuing to win. It’s not a one-day show, but a series of excellent results. “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” – Margaret Thatcher.
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  • Change


    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
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  • Compromise


    At times situations just do not turn in our favor. Failure to embrace such an outcome can only create nightmares. Compromise and accept the inevitable.
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  • Connect and Switch ON

    Connect and Switch ON

    Our dysfunctional families, fighting communities and war-torn countries can pull out the blanket of darkness if we develop the willingness to connect and switch on. There is so much energy in teamwork.
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  • Defying the Usual

    Defying the Usual

    Our world is tired of individuals that sit back and watch events unfold. Make a conscious extra-ordinary decision to start contributing towards a revolution defying the usual and the ordinary. Let your future be better than your past.
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  • Do you listen enough?

    Do you listen enough?

    Listening is a basic skill that has to be learned and practiced. If is of utmost importance that people develop the art of listening more and talking less. There is so much more wisdom in listening than in being listened to.  
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  • Failure


    Every performance will always be assessed and judged as either a pass or a failure and it is the latter that is usually followed by heartbreaks, misery, depressions and suicides. A better comprehension of the various causes of failure partnered with a clear mastery and step by step application of the suggested remedy process will undoubtedly come handy for would- be failures. Failing forward will forever be a winning formula.
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  • Fear


    “Fear has a large shadow but he himself is small” – Ruth Gendler “Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of fear is freedom” Marilyn Ferguson
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  • Fight Your Own Cancer

    Fight Your Own Cancer

    Whatever emotional baggage that kills you from inside is your own cancer. Put on your armor and fight like a wounded lion to heal from the injuries caused by the challenges of this world.
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  • Identity – Who are you?

    Identity – Who are you?

    People can only begin to understand their identity if they develop the ability to identify details that describe their being. After self-discovery most individuals find it difficult to face and accept their real self so they spend the better part of their lives on the run, denying their identity. Partners spend several years in marriage living a lie, dramatizing and careful not to expose their true identity. One wonders if this brings any joy!
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  • It’s time you breakthrough

    It’s time you breakthrough

    Naturally, life presents various challenging ‘battles’ and it takes, among other things, a great deal of courage, total discipline, serious mental strength and heroic determination to smash through and emerge on the other side as a conqueror. Those who really want to breakthrough and eventually win the ‘war’ of life understand that there is no better time to do it than NOW!
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  • Life


    “As soon as there is life, there is danger, whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage".
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  • Life Sentence, what’s your purpose?

    Life Sentence, what’s your purpose?

    Criminals who commit serious acts of crime are normally sentenced to life in prison which means a total elimination of fun, a limited supply of privileges and a permanent withdrawal from normal life. In the same sense we all need to willingly refrain from living a life of unjustified pleasures and totally focus on our purpose in life. Let your purpose in life be your life sentence.".
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  • New Year Affirmations

    New Year Affirmations

    Affirmations are powerful tools of transformation. Let your actions confirm your affirmations as you utter them daily.
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  • Positive Thoughts can move mountains

    Positive Thoughts can move mountains

    Positive thoughts play a vital role in the creation of strength, a positive force and the initiative to deal with everyday challenges. Release a positive energy and let it spread to those around you so that we can recharge our desperate world.
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  • Procrastination


    Important tasks are often pushed to the next day because of less demanding chores that we naturally enjoy doing. However, this terrible habit of procrastinating normally comes with both external and internal consequences.
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  • Reflections


    Taking the time to reflect on your life.
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  • Relationships


    There are things you can do to build a successful relationship whether it be business, social or personal. Put in the effort to make it work, be honest, open and respect each other.
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  • See the bigger picture

    See the bigger picture

    Families are breaking down, communities are constantly at loggerheads and organizations are forever crumbling because of short-sighted individuals that only care about today. Lets create that visual power enabling us to open up and see the bigger mental pictures regarding the future.
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  • Stop complaining, start appreciating

    Stop complaining, start appreciating

    The Egyptians have an amazing proverb which says, ‘health is a crown on a well man’s head, but no one appreciates it like a sick man.’ How many times do you sit down and appreciate all that you normally take for granted?
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  • Take a Flight

    Take a Flight

    Stop living a miserable life crawling like a spider, bouncing on one position like a frog and staggering without purpose or direction like a drunkard. Shoot for the stars like a bird, take a flight, it’s time to fly and fly!".
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  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within

    Be a powerful life changing vehicle driven by that inner desire to ignite the flames that will warm the good and burn the ugly.
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  • The Power of Giving

    The Power of Giving

    The power of giving should never be underestimated. It brings in much more happiness, joy and fulfillment to the giver than the receiver. Lets open up our hands and give from the heart.
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  • The Sky is NOT the Limit

    The Sky is NOT the Limit

    The sky can never be the limit to an ambitious person who believes in the pursuit of extra ordinary dreams. IF you want to live a life without limits, break the ceiling and see beyond the cover.
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  • True happiness

    True happiness

    True happiness is the joy coming from the INNER BEING irrespective of who you are, or what you doing. It is a state of celebration for that which might not be perfect and looking beyond the imperfections.
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